Becoming a homeowner in Spain, frequently asked questions

How much does a house cost in Spain?

It is possible to become a homeowner with less than 200'000 CHF (the first prices for interesting properties start at 180'000 €). On the other hand, larger homes, ultra luxurious villas, etc. can sell for millions. As everywhere, the cost of a home in Spain varies considerably depending on its size, location and amenities.

What is the process of buying a property in Spain?

The buying process is very similar to what we know in Switzerland or elsewhere in Europe. A Spanish specialty, however, you must first obtain a tax number, a NIE, in order to be authorized to make a real estate purchase. We can help you with all these steps.

How to finance the purchase of a property in Spain?

For the purchase of a property, the Spanish banks carry out financing if your own funds amount to 30% of the purchase price. Additional costs of up to 14% of the purchase price to cover notary fees and taxes are also to be taken into consideration.

Is it safe to buy a property off-plan in Spain?

Yes, it is!
The sale off-plan in Spain is a process that sees monies released as construction progresses so that the interests of both seller and buyer are protected. Furthermore, in order to guarantee a total security in the transactions, we collaborate with recognized and experienced partners in project development.

As a foreigner, can I easily buy a house or an apartment in Spain?

Access to property for foreigners is very easy in Spain.

How do I rent a property in Spain?

In order to ensure that your property is rented in the best possible way, our local partners will take care of all the necessary procedures.

What is the expected rental yield for a property in Spain?

The expected rental yield for a property in Spain will strongly depend on the location as well as the quality and condition of the property. In very popular tourist areas, the yield can be very high and can reach up to 8% of the net rental value.

Why should I buy a new property?

New properties meet today's standards, especially in terms of energy efficiency, and are not necessarily more expensive (on the contrary). By buying a new construction you avoid constructions that would have been added over the years, not registered with the State and thus not recognized as your property.

Should I invest in a villa or an apartment?

This choice will depend on your objectives and your long-term vision of your investment. Whether you want to live in it, rent it out continuously or use it as a second home during your stays in Spain, we are here to present you the different opportunities and the potential of each property.

Why not retire in Spain?

Because of the attractive lifestyle, the pleasant climate and the low cost of living, Spain is an ideal place to retire. The well-developed health care system as well as the proximity to Switzerland and Europe reinforce this attraction.

How can I work from my home in Spain?

As a Swiss or European citizen, it is easy to work from your Spanish residence. However, if you wish to work in Spain, the necessary authorizations must be requested.

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