The Mediterranean sweetness

Spain, for your holidays or your retirement

Land of Flamenco, paella and Picasso, Spain lives to the rhythm of the sun.

The varied landscapes between seaside, agricultural areas and desert expanses give Spain an undeniable attraction.

Its economy, one of the strongest in the world, allows Spain to offer those who live there quality infrastructures and a variety of activities.

Its generous sunshine, its geographical and cultural proximity, its moderate cost of living and its real estate prices make it a very attractive destination for Northern Europeans

10 good reasons to invest in Spain

  • High rental yields
  • Stability and security
  • Attractive real estate prices
  • Moderate cost of living
  • Geographical proximity
  • Varied landscapes between sea and countryside
  • Many activities including a generous golf offer
  • Sweetness of life (climate, gastronomy, …)
  • Efficient health care system
  • A second home for holidays or a retirement in the sun
  • 11th and excellent reason: Kokola guarantees you the best support from A to Z

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