The city of superlatives

Dubai, a concentration of opportunities

Emerging from the desert, with its feet in the Persian Gulf, the city of Dubai offers opportunities in all areas. 

While the dynamic Dubai is mainly known for its nature-braving development and architectural prowess, it is a popular place for business and also offers an attractive setting for holidays. 

A paradise for expatriates, who find high income potential and no taxes, Dubai is an attractive destination for investors. 

As a key business and leisure hub in the Middle East, Dubai's economic development continues at a steady pace and demand for real estate remains high.

10 good reasons to invest in Dubai

  • High rental yields
  • Stability and security
  • Quality infrastructure
  • Economic dynamism
  • Attractive tax system
  • Very dynamic real estate market
  • Highly connected international airport
  • Favourable climate
  • Sports and leisure activities
  • Efficient health and education systems
  • 11th and excellent reason: Kokola guarantees you the best support from A to Z

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