Becoming a homeowner in Dubai, frequently asked questions

How much does a house in Dubai cost?

It is possible to become a homeowner with less than 100'000 CHF (the first prices for a studio start at 350'000 AED, or about 90'000 CHF). On the other hand, housing in exclusive areas, ultra-luxury villas, properties designed in collaboration with world-renowned fashion designers, etc. can sell for millions. As everywhere, the cost of a residence in Dubai varies considerably depending on its size, location and amenities.

What is the process of buying a property in Dubai?

Generally speaking, the buying process is similar to what we are used to in Switzerland or Europe. It includes finding a property, obtaining a mortgage (if required), conducting due diligence, then registering the property with the land department and obtaining the title deed.

How to finance the purchase of a property in Dubai?

For the purchase of a new property, developers can offer very attractive conditions (limited equity, payment in installments, ...). Our local partners will support you to find the best conditions and ensure the most efficient and flexible process for your financing.

Is it safe to buy a property off-plan in Dubai?

Yes, it is!
Selling off-plan in Dubai is a process regulated by law so that the interests of both seller and buyer are protected. Furthermore, in order to guarantee a total security in the transactions, we collaborate with recognized and experienced partners in project development.

How to take up residence in Dubai?

In case of purchasing a property, domiciliation is facilitated..

As a foreigner, can I easily buy a house or an apartment in Dubai?

Whether you decide to be an expatriate resident or a non-resident investor, you can own 100% of your home in Dubai. As a foreigner, there are many specific neighborhoods, ideally placed, available to purchase your property. In such a case, you can then dispose of your property at your convenience (personal use, rental, resale, inheritance, ...).

How to rent a property in Dubai?

In order to ensure an optimal rental, our partners in Dubai take care of all the necessary steps.

What is the expected return on a property in Dubai?

On average the return is between 6 and 7% but it is possible to obtain up to 12% on some apartments. The return will vary depending on the type of rental chosen (apartment, villa, annual, Airbnb, etc.)

Should I invest in a villa or an apartment?

This choice will mainly depend on your objectives and your long-term vision about your investment. Whether you want to live in it, rent it out continuously or use it as a second home during your stays in Dubai, we are here to present you the different opportunities and the potential of each property.

What is daily life like in Dubai?

Dubai offers an exceptional quality of life with one of the lowest crime rates in the world, a top-performing education system, a cost of living similar to that of Switzerland and safe, clean and punctual public transportation. Dubai is a cosmopolitan and welcoming city, where English is widely spoken and where people are friendly and open to meeting others. Nearly 3,000 Swiss nationals live here as well as a large international expatriate community. The city is known for its religious tolerance which makes it one of the most welcoming places in the Middle East.

Is property ownership guaranteed in Dubai?

In Dubai there is a real estate registry that records the details of all transactions relating to property rights as well as the description of the property and its address. Information from this UAE registry is commonly used to confirm ownership rights or to obtain information about the building. When a property is purchased, a title deed is given to the buyer.

What about taxes and charges for a property in Dubai?

Dubai is known for its extremely favorable tax environment. Thus, owning a property in Dubai is an incredibly attractive investment.

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